03 March 2011

Take your mama out.

The only downside to having such awesome friends is how much you miss them, especially after you get to see them in person and smoosh them. I suppose the having outweighs the missing.... ;) This past weekend I made a quick trip to the D for some concert going and general friend smooshing and it was a whirlwind visit of awesomeness for sure.

Saturday night I headed to Detroit proper for a slumber party with Matt, Sara, and Kaia. We spent our evening in the northern suburbs listening to a variety of bands rock out for cancer (well, rather, against cancer!), and while some was questionable (let's just say "Amy Grant covers with boom box backing track"), some was super fun (hello '90s cover bands!) and all was for a good cause.  

Mmm. PBR.

And Sara and I always appreciate the chance to dress like twins.

Before heading off for the next musical installment, we swung by Tabi's for some brunch and baby talk.

Can't wait to meet you, Lucia.

Next it was off to Lisa's to prepare for the much anticipated Scissor Sisters show. Love love love them. You should, too. First, though, we needed to fill our bellies to ensure plenty of energy for said show. Waiter harassment ensued. As did some pretzels with cheese and many mini desserts.

Then it was time to dance, dance, dance! If you don't shake your booty to this, there is definitely something wrong with you. We strong-armed our way right up front and got to enjoy, up close, the pleather-based costume changes. * swoon *

Desperately wishing I was a redhead right now....

And now I'm back home. Torturing Brad constantly with this song. And missing everyone something fierce. (Special shout-out to my sushi princesses!)

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