27 March 2011

Little dutch girl.

This weekend, I was lucky enough to catch up with Sara, who was on the west side for business. Saturday morning, I ventured up to Holland to meet her for brunch and general catching up. It was my first time in Holland, so the trip was a double whammy for me (it's just under an hour from here).

We met at the Windmill Restaurant in downtown Holland, what appears to be a local favorite. A pretty tiny diner, they serve breakfast all day as well as lunch items and pie.

(not my pic)

I love breakfast, so I knew I was sticking with that, but some sweet items caught my eye - I almost never venture from savory breakfast (even though I love French toast). A pancake roll-up? Neither of us had ever heard of such a thing. So, of course, I had to get two. The fruit-filled one, cherry, was just ok. It tasted like a pancake, with cherry pie filling in the middle. The regular roll-up, with butter and powdered sugar, was amazing (Sara agreed). You wouldn't think it would be anything special, but the way the melted butter mixed with the powdered sugar on the inside was unexpectedly delicious.

After food we wandered around downtown for a bit, spending the longest amount of time in the Seasoned Home, which was mostly bulk spices and bulk tea. Once we decided we were curious enough about the nutmeg (neither of us have ever seen the full nut in the store before), we were grabbing things left and right.

I could have easily brought home a ton more, but I narrowed my selections to a key lime seasoning (for fish) that smells crazy awesome, a chimichurri blend for Brad, 1/2 oz. of nutmeg, and pink peppercorns (pink!).

After exhausting downtown, we went for a little driving tour of the area (seriously, who lives there that can afford the mansions along the water [not even Lake Michigan! so random]), eventually landing at world's. coolest. vintage. store - Second Chance Design. I think Sara and I let out a collective swoon when we walked into the first room of stuff.

It's technically an antique store, but it's mostly stuff from the '50s, '60s, and '70s and everything is super affordable, so it doesn't feel like a traditional antique store. Sara lives in a super cool mid-century modern condo in Detroit, so this store was particularly awesome for her. And it shows. She bought a new bed and a dresser!

...and a teapot.

I didn't get any new furniture, but I found two pieces I'm currently in the process of harassing Brad about.

Polka dot chair, wooden cupboard. Gimmie.

That's not to say I didn't make a few small purchases...

A lovely vase that inspired me to pick up some tulips today. It was a dollar. ONE dollar. 


And a few bar items that inspired me to reorg my bookshelf o' booze.

A lovely green pitcher ($11):


It's screaming "sangria! sangria!"

And two sparkly crystal appetizer plates ($2/each):

What a day! Sara, pancake roll-ups, and sparkly retro items? Perfection.

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