07 March 2011

Apron strings.

I love mail. I've always loved getting mail. Even though it's mostly garbage these days, I still get a little twinge of excitement every day when the mail lady comes (now I also get a little twinge of guilt because George barks his head off every single day [and our front window is right on top of the mailbox]). I have such fond memories of exchanging oodles of snail mail letters with my Jess growing up (and even occasionally with Sara, who I saw every day - ha!)... and I actually still have every single one. Anyway, on Saturday I had a very exciting surprise in the mail - a package from Lisa S. A very very nice card (yes, you made me tear up, jerk! he he!) and... da da da... a most beauteous apron that perfectly matches my kitchen AND dining room.

Btw, I HATE that the good-for-the-environment light bulbs cast such a yucky hue!

It came just in time, as Saturday night was time to cook the homemade noodles from Emily's Italian grandmother.

I was so excited when Emily passed these along. I've never had homemade noodles. And from a real-life grandma no less! I wanted to really taste the noodles, so I didn't do anything too fancy. Cooked them for about five minutes, dropping some fresh spinach in at the last minute.

Steamy noodles.

Then I just mixed in a few spoonfuls of (store-bought) pesto and topped it with some Parmesan.

This was SO. GOOD. I can't even explain why. But it's all I've thought about come every mealtime since. I'm so pleased I have another two servings or so of the noodles to make again soon.

For dessert, we headed over to Ceile's for a little snacky snacky drinky drinky time. She whipped up some homemade strawberry ice cream, which topped homemade chocolate waffles. Between this and Lisa Z. and her new ice cream maker, I'm kind of having ice cream envy... Hmm... Wonder if Whirlpool makes an ice cream maker?

I was in such a yum haze, I gave in and played some games. Although I held strong in my euchre boycott. ;)

Other than the pesto noodles, we've pretty much been living on takeout the past week or so. Heading to the store and hoping to actually eat something healthy tomorrow!


Lady Lisa said...

Those noodles look AMAZING. I can just imagine you in your cute little apron, stirring, stirring away in your bright sunny kitchen. Miss you!

Sara said...

YUMMMM! Euchre rules!