11 March 2011

Meet me in the blue room.

We are almost done with all the house re-do. So close. As of right now, we have one room (well, porch), three hallways, and four ceilings left to paint. Because.... we finished our mini living room upstairs this past week. Here she is in her bare-bones glory when we first moved in.


Since then, we've bought the faux fireplace and a handful of other do-dads to make the space more enjoyable. But the color was horrible and the haphazard art was really starting to drive me crazy. So last weekend we buckled down and tackled the main part of the project - painting. To tie the upstairs in with the downstairs (and because we had a whole gallon of it in the basement), we painted the room the same color ("luna") as the dining room. And, of course, we had our little helpers.

Yes, George is actually sitting ON Brad's lap.

After having to do two coats in the kitchen, I was so relieved at how well the blue went over the brown - just one coat. Phew!

Heidi finds painting very tiring.

She was snoring her head off.

Anyway, so after painting, and a trip to Pier One (the matching frames below, on sale for $25 for both. Score!) for some finishing touches, we now have a very cozy, perfectly put together 2nd tv room. Woo! (The color is actually more blue-green in person. It's so hard to accurately capture color!)

Mr. Fox was happy to still have a place in the new room.

Next up, repainting the ugly yellow sun porch a much prettier yellow. What on earth will we do with ourselves once there is nothing left to paint???


Sara said...

Go to the beach! This looks really cute!

Stephanie said...


And you're right... Ahhh the beach. It feels like summer will never come!