23 February 2011

Baking for dummies.

Today's post is brought to you by the letter E. For Eminem, of course. I cannot stop listening to this: Eminem + Village People = Sheer Genius. Thanks to Matt for sending this along!

So the big news is that I made cookies yesterday that were neither burnt nor hard. I don't usually mind my hard cookies - I love a good crunch. But it would be nice to know I could properly cook cookies should the need arise. I went for simple and just followed the recipe on the back of the Toll House chocolate chips bag. Ok, I didn't totally follow it. I couldn't bring myself to use all that butter and I subbed half of it out for applesauce.

Someone, please tell me: Are cookies supposed to still be smooshy when you take them out? It drives me crazy that cookie recipes give a cooking time range (which is it? 9 or 11 minutes?!) then don't say what to look for other than "golden brown." My cookies were golden brown but also smooshy, so I took them out. Maybe I'm an idiot, but no one ever taught me to cook. Anyway, they were super thin (perhaps due to the butter/applesauce sub) but hardened up a bit and in the end were super chewy and crumbly and delicious.

I finally went to the grocery store yesterday (procrastinated Sunday due to rain, Monday due to snow) so today I had the fixins to make tzatziki, which I've been craving for ages. I think I've mentioned a few times that the two things I really miss are gyros and reubens, but when it comes down to it, it's the accoutrement that I miss, not the meat. So I woke up this morning and put together this tzatziki, using fat free Greek yogurt. I didn't think I needed an entire 16 oz so I only used 8 oz of yogurt, but I used the full amounts of everything else (except garlic, duh!). I planned to make veggie gyros for lunch, but Brad wasn't able to come home so I pushed it to dinner.

After some debate, Brad and I decided I should cook the peppers and warm up the pitas for half hot, half cold gyros. I sauteed green peppers for Brad, red for me, and threw in a few handfuls of black olives at the end. Into the pitas went feta, cucumbers, and romaine. The hot peppers and olives. Slather oodles of tzatziki, grab a heaping spoonful of rice with lemon and butter, and you've got a super yummy and filling fakie Greek dinner.

I could not, however, convince Brad to do Ouzo shots with me. Wuss.

Unrelatedly, I keep forgetting to show you the most hilarious thing I antiqued while Lisa was here a few weeks ago.

Oh will you??

Luckily it was only $4 because that was going home w/ me no matter what the cost. And... it totally works!

Thanks for holding my tea bag.


Rachel said...

I can finally comment since I'm not on my phone. The few times I've baked cookies, they come out still kinda moving and then firm up once they cool down. The cookies you made were tasty and stayed chewy the next day, so I'd say you did just fine. :)

Stephanie said...

I'm picturing cookies on the counter a la Poltergeist.... :)

I'm glad you enjoyed my sweet treats!

Brooke said...

yes if you want them soft they should be squishy when you pull them out, they will firm up. Then if you store them sealed in a bag or container with a piece of bread they will stay really soft. Not sure why that works but it does- Especially works for snickerdoodles and sugar type cookies.

Stephanie said...

Thanks so much, Brooke!!!! Now I need to make some more.... :)