11 February 2011

Afternoon delight.

Today is my dear hubby's birthday. The big three three. How crazy to think that I was there when he celebrated the big two two, too. Time sure does fly, especially when you have someone so awesome to spend it with. * swoon *

As I've mentioned, one of my favorite things about living here is that Brad works two minutes away. Meaning he comes home for lunch most every day. Including today. Birthday lunch (EVOL burrito with fancy chips and guacamole, yum!)! I didn't let him dip into his DQ ice cream cake yet, but I did let him open his presents (ok, pressured him... I love presents!).

There's lots more birthday fun in store, but for now, back to work for Brad. In the meantime, I got started on some birthday cupcakes for Lisa, who will be arriving later this evening to celebrate her birthday, which is tomorrow. The ice cream cake is chocolate, so I went with lemon (although I will be topping them with chocolate frosting when they cool enough). Plus, I always love an excuse to use my juicer.

A full report on those soon, but I did sneak half of one and I'm not super impressed... I've yet to have great success with cake/cupcakes from scratch -- I need to just get over it and go back to box mixes! In the meantime, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my hubby, and HAPPY PRE-BDAY to my Lisa!

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