09 February 2011

Right on target.

A few fun Target alerts for the bargain-minded. I've had "silicon whisk" on my mental to-get list for ages now (I remember this every time I use my beautiful Calphalon pots), and today I finally wrote it down on my actual shopping list. I searched up and down the kitchen aisles to no avail. No silicon whisk. I wandered across the way to the other house aisles, and there on a Valentine's day end cap was the most perfect silicon whisk.

How cute is that? I need to make scrambled eggs, stat. And it was only like $4.

That reminds me...

Still LOVING my yellow kitchen that feels oodles bigger.

Back to Target, I found these great window panels...

 Far away...

Up close.

I'm really enjoying all the new products Target is launching with these great simple prints (e.g, the candles I got a few weeks ago). They have rugs, pillows, shower curtains. Today was the first time I saw these panels, though, and I grabbed FIVE immediately. Three for one of the guest rooms, two for our upstairs sitting room. Love them. Love love.

To celebrate my great finds, I whipped up a classy tuna nuna. In my new Pyrex, so extra classy. Orecchiette noodles, olive oil, pepper, artichokes, capers, two cans of tuna; sprinkled with sharp cheddar and Parmesan and into the oven to get all melty and oozy. I could eat an entire casserole of this. I didn't. But close.

In other news, this week we had a beady-eyed, long-tailed visitor. That dang sneaky possum I saw peeking out from underneath our shed earlier this winter. I'd hoped he was long gone, but one night this week he far overstayed his visit in the backyard. For a while, the dogs couldn't flush him from his cozy little throne in the snow. Eventually, though, he retreated up a tree and we let the dogs out to check him out.

Much more looking forward to our visitors for this weekend... Lisa and Digby! Hooray!

And finally... I got a new car! Hoooray! I have finally entered the 21st century -- power locks, power windows, Sync system... It feels like Christmas.

Who wants to come take a ride?

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Lady Lisa said...

Glad things are going so well Sweetie! Miss you and can't wait to catch up soon.