03 February 2011

Mellow yellow.

I am hopefully picking up my new car tomorrow. This meant that today, I had to spring my car from the snow-buried garage. If the snow itself wasn't bad enough, the plow that clears our alley piled a lovely ice boulder barrier at the base of my garage. Thanks, plow man. I gave him a good scowl when he did it yesterday.

Well, snow, you cannot best me! I am the queen of the alley!

Let me just take a moment here to say that this coat and these boots are thus far the best investments I have ever made. And yes, my pj pants are tres sexy.

After wrenching my old-lady hip, I decided to take the dogs for walks (two dogs, two walks) so they would be sleepy and leave me alone for my next project for the day. I forgot my camera for Heidi's walk, but I remembered it for George's. I am permanently a) thrilled that the city has a mini plow for our sidewalks and b) giggly over walking through the snow tunnels.

Snow tunnels make Georgie giggle, too.

I'm slightly embarrassed to admit how pooped I was at this point. But it was only 1 pm, and I was on a mission! I WOULD have a yellow kitchen by the end of the week. 

Sunwashed. Not sunwash. That's a totally different color, duh.

I stupidly thought this would be a quick project. I got primer in the paint, but I forgot that sometimes you still need two coats, even with primer. There are also a lot of nooks. And crannies. And obstacles (I'm looking at you, fridge!). Five hours later, I had a yellow kitchen. And then I kept going. Now I have a yellow mudroom, too. 

Heidi and I got a little paint on us, too.

"I'm sorry I sat on the wall. Really!"

Did I mention that I'm totally pooped? Time for poochie snuggles. After pictures to come soon...


Birgles McGee said...

Are those pajama jeans you're wearing!?

Mrs. Church said...

Ha ha if they were, I would let you wear them. :)