06 February 2011

Around the way girl.

I know I haven't lived here very long, but after a certain point, I accepted that I wasn't going to meet anyone in St. Joe. I just didn't see any way for me to even encounter new people. Brad wasn't bringing anyone home for me to befriend (the nerve!) and it's not like the downtown scene is a hot bed of activity. Then one day in November, I stumbled upon something very intriguing... A posting on our library's website about a book club. A book club for people in their 20s and 30s. And they had a meeting the following week. So I went, and, not to be dramatic, Not Your Mother's Book Club changed my life in St. Joe.

I haven't enjoyed any of the book selections yet, and I've actually only finished one of them. But every other Monday, I know I've got something to do, at some place (at least relatively) fun, with a handful of pretty awesome people. And, as luck would have it, four of us live within steps of each other. I can't get over how cool that is.

This week while Brad was away, I spent a ton of time with these ladies, making my solo week at home not so empty. Friday I hosted them here for my first official dinner party (or any party) in the new house. On tap, Rachael Ray's pimento mac and cheese, which is always a crowd pleaser. And drinks. Too many drinks... Anyway, world, meet the ladies of downtown St. Joe!

On the left, we have Emily, aka 29er chick, aka Awesome Badass, aka our wine pusherman. In the middle we have Hillary, who lives across the street and is totally stalking me (jk Hillary hehe), and on the right, newest of the new, Ceile (kay-lee) from Chicago. These ladies make me laugh and make me feel at home in a town that is still so new to me.

So how do I repay them? I make them drink absinthe.

Bottom's up, ladies. Cheers to new friends!

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