04 April 2011


Once upon a time, we had two big trees in our front yard. Turns out, those trees were dead. So one day last fall, the city showed up and chopped them down. They left the stumps.

Last week, they finally started attending to the scraps they left behind.

Hillary asked me if an asteroid had landed in my front yard. That made me laugh a lot.

Later in the week, the city came back.

Now it looks like we have two bodies buried in our front yard. Sheesh. Here's hoping the city gets our new trees in before next spring.

Meanwhile, I was very excited to finally get to use my whole-nut spice store nutmeg last night. Get in my belly, nut!

A quick grate...

...and time to eat pimento mac and cheese.

It was the cheater version. I felt lazy. To make the cheater version, just boil your noodles and drain. Noodles back in the pot, then dump in your pimentos. I poured in a little milk and a tablespoon of flour, then mixed that up before slowly adding in two cups of sharp cheddar. Mix and heat, sprinkle with paprika (and nutmeg!), and you're done. Yum.

Tomorrow I go to work. Hmm.


Sara said...

Mm pimento mac. Put it on your wish list to have this at the Roadhouse with me sometime this year!

Fingers crossed that the job is a good thing!

Jen McPherson said...

Lazy version sounds like my kind of dish. Will have to make this very soon.