06 April 2011

She works hard for the money.

I have officially reentered the workforce. Well, the outside-the-home workforce. All in all, it isn't so bad. And while at home I search antique stores for the perfect retro-modern objects, at work I'm now surrounded by authentic 1950s design. Literally. I'm sure that's when the office was decorated. It's not at all trendy or ironic. It's just old. I hope to sneak some more pics in the near future, but for now, trust me, it's like stepping back in time.

My particular cube is very modern in comparison, pieces of leftover office furniture from when Zenith (how '80s!) closed an office in the area.

Please pardon the crappy cell phone picture.

I started my work week Tuesday, in my new work pants (LOVE THEM) with my bag lunch.

Fiber One bar, pb&j (with Michigan cherry preserves), apple, carrots, mini brownies.

As I said, so far, so good. Everyone is SUPER nice. It's a small manufacturing company, so there is a shop on site, which, as best I can guess, employs anywhere from between 10 and 20 men (and 1 woman). There are also 3 or 4 men that work desk jobs in the shop area. Up front in the office area are the other 2 women, my boss (the president), my boss' son, and the engineer (a young guy from Poland; other than me, the only person there under 50). See a theme? Lots of men (mostly old). The three women lunch together every day at Judy's house, my over-the-cube neighbor who lives across the street. A standing invitation to join was offered. I thought that was pretty nice.

There's also an alligator.

You thought I was kidding!

(He's just a temporary visitor, as are the two geckos.)

My boss is quite the character. He's got lots of stories. Most pretty amusing. I'm sure I'll have great tales to tell over time. And I even have business cards and an email address. This job is officially official! And my first official order of business is to market random office space the company owns on the other side of town. I fully intend to target Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. I may even beg.

Due to some now-postponed-for-potential-root-canal dental work this afternoon, I had a few free hours. What better to do than hit Target? Remember how I said my office is very OLD? Well, I'm not going anywhere near the water there (or the ancient coffee maker that doesn't get used), so I needed some provisions. First up, a coffee thermos and a water bottle. "I'm picking out a thermos for you..."

Why yes, that does say "Caution: Extreme Awesomeness."

And notebooks! I heart office supplies.

And, of course, a new lamp.

Tomorrow is technically my "office" Friday, and I'm headed to Chicago with my boss for a trade show. Then it's time for my "home job" Monday on Friday. Keeping busy! I think it's good for my brain.

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troyandhill said...

I have the same sandwich box (of course), love it!