22 July 2010

Three is the magic number.

Happy THREE-YEAR blogaversary* to No pickles, please!!

*I must confess, while I was excited to find a graphic to use, I am disappointed that I don't appear to have actually invented the word "blogaversary." Hmph.

To celebrate, I almost picked up these pickle items to be my blog mascot(s), but then I realized, ew, pickle flavor:

It's hard to believe I've been doing this for three years, but I'm so glad I've kept at it. I do reconsider it constantly -- I often struggle with the self-centeredness of it (does anyone really care what I had for dinner?). But, ultimately, I like to write. I've always been a writer. So I guess you could say I mostly just do it for me anyway. And for those of you that pop by and visit me, thank you for supporting me and humoring me and caring what I have to say (or at least tolerating what I have to say so you can sneak peeks at world's two cutest dogs ever!). Hugs and kisses to you all!

Three years ago today: I was much more of a newlywed than I am now. I was just about to turn 29. Georgie wasn't born. I had a real job. Brad worked at Ford. I ate meat (and worse yet, I ate a lot of crappy not-nice meat). I didn't own a big girl food processor. I had yet to meet a few of my very closest friends. My dad lived in Saginaw. I'd never been to Paris. I had short hair. I didn't know how to knit. I had never stepped on a snake with bare feet. I had a weird pickle complex. Wait, that's still true.... :D For nostalgia's sake, take a peek back at my first post ever! Of course balls is in the title.

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