11 July 2010

Back to the future.

Still waiting to finalize the details of the sale and getting ready to make offer on our vineyard house... And in the meantime, we had two more house showings this weekend -- they were already scheduled, so we went ahead with them. As soon as we came back home Saturday morning after our last ever showing, I promptly made mini messes all over the house and DID NOT PICK THEM RIGHT UP. So liberating. Ironic that now that we've basically sold the house, it finally feels like mine again. That being said, I hate to admit that the fault is all mine for the sad sorry state of our refrigerator.

Even Heidi is disgusted.

At least I have plenty of mustard, right? Ha! Anyway, despite our pathetic provisions, I decided to make Brad a home-cooked meal before he headed back to St. Joe tonight (only one more Sunday separation for us!). I whipped up a modified version of my mom's goulash (which is really more of a stroganoff, but I grew up calling it goulash), which is a meat-y meal. I had a box of fake meat crumbles, so I went with that.


It's not much, but it felt good to cook something, and I LOVE this meal. Like love it love it. Did I love it love it with the meat crumbles? Not entirely. But it was still pretty tasty and Brad liked it, too. I will be enjoying the leftovers for lunch tomorrow, and goulash leftovers are always even better (although growing up, we didn't often have leftovers because goulash is always a huge hit). If you're looking for a quick dinner, try whipping up Patti's Goulash! In a large pot, cook a box of noodles. In a saucepan, brown a pound of meat, salting and peppering, of course. When that's done, dump in a can of cream of mushroom soup and a can of potato soup, then two cans of water. Mix and cook until hot. (My mom always added onions, too, but we didn't have any tonight so no onions for me.) When the noodles are done, mix everything together and enjoy the heck out of it.

In cookware news, I scored a few more vintage dishes from my Aunt Sandy:

They match the giant yellow pot I brought home last summer.

Part of a set, this was my grandma's.

And finally, in crafty news... I'm not necessarily the craftiest person. But I love a good project, and I particularly love a good organization project. ESPECIALLY when it involves photos. Currently in my basement are approximately 10 giant boxes of Brad's mom's family photos. The majority of the photos are in those horrible old photo albums with the sticky pages, which is just ruining the photos, and, you know, they're just sitting in boxes in our basement -- I feel so sad for them! So I offered to pull all the photos from the offending albums, organize them (chronologically, of course), and eventually put together a few small albums for Brad to keep. Then I'll pass everything else along to Marc and he can do the same. It will take forever, but so far, I'm making decent progress.

Left, before. Right, after.

I like to organize.

1978 to 1995!

And, just for fun... How cute is that husband of mine!?

Mini pimp!

So serious.

I worked on the photos from 6 until 11, so now I am going to bed. My back kills me. And the sooner I go to sleep, the closer I am to my mozzarella, cucumber, and tomato sandwich tomorrow for lunch. Mmmm. Sweet dreams!

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