20 July 2010

Melting with the homies.

In the midst of all the craziness this weekend, I missed my one-year veggie-versary. A full year. I can't believe it. For the most part, I don't miss anything. And the only things I miss are weird things, like lunch meat. Oh, and gyros. I've had a handful of mini slips, where I had a mini nibble of Brad's lamb or ham and cheese sandwich, but honestly it was never more than a nibble, and it was not more than maybe five times. I have not once put beef or chicken in my mouth, other than when I accidentally had a sip of chicken broth-infused cheddar soup.

It's all for you.

I always intended to go back to my meaty ways eventually, and I still probably will some day. But maybe not. Maybe I will even stop using my leather purses someday. But probably not. (Hey, I didn't buy them!)

As for the crazy, my brain still hurts from it. Let's just say we didn't get our house(s) in St. Joe. And we didn't sell our house in AA after all. Back to square one. If you have any good real estate mojo, please send it our way.

But enough with the crazy. Well, the real crazy that is...

Except for the looney up in Togus.

This Saturday, Rachel took me on the most amazing lovely birthday date. Rachel time, of course + Zingerman's brunch + antiques market bonanza. It was beyond perfect.

I was insanely jealous of Rachel's omelet (damn you, no-scrambly-eggs-having-belly) -- mushrooms, smoked salmon, and pimento cheese. I'm speechless. Come on. (My sunny-side up eggs with oodles of toast were oozy deliciousness, of course.) Funny aside, as we were being seated outside, I said "not in the sun!" And she said, "of course!" And then sat us in the sun (mostly Rachel, who was a trooper). Oh, and our waiter was named Zan. Like Zanne from Friends 'Till the End. Then it was time to melt in the heat at the Ann Arbor Antiques Market.

We've talked about going to the market for ages, and we finally had the perfect opportunity. Hooray for antiques! Dang, I just realized I don't have pictures of my beautiful wares (I'm in St. Joe with Brad right now). But Rachel helped me pick out the perfect Pyrex dish for my fantasy collection -- a mini casserole dish from the 1970s. The dish is bright yellow and the lid has a white sunflower painted on it. Thanks so much, my love. And I will think of her every time I use it. I also snagged a matching yellow mini loaf-ish dish for $5. Score! I can't even describe the variety of items we saw, and the hilarity and awesomeness of it all.

The better to see you with.

And, the piece de resistance, a pooch... in a bowl!!!

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Rachel said...

OMG. That damn dog. He was so leetle! And dangit! I forgot his name. Either way, excellent day of food and old stuff (like me & you).