15 July 2010

This little piggie.

Today was a pig-out day. I met Kristal for lunch and wasn't even planning on eating, then wasn't planning on eating much, but as soon as I saw what was on the special menu, I was all over it. We went to Jolly Pumpkin (which is growing on me) and there was NO WAY I was not ordering the smoked salmon sandwich with herbed creme fraiche. I mean c'mon! Even Kristal deviated from her regular to order a smoked salmon sandwich of her own.

In all honesty, it wasn't the best thing I've ever had. The salmon just wasn't very strong, if that makes any sense. I love the salty bite of a good smoked salmon, and this was very mild. We both ripped the weeds off our sandwiches. And while Kristal liked the mystery lemon flavor hidden in there somewhere, I really just wanted my salmon, cream, and bread. I would, however, order it again.

For dinner, it was time to head to the D for a belated bday celebration for Tabi. Now that Sara lives in MI, too (woo!), and works downtown, Slows seemed like the logical gathering spot for the three of us. (And, since I'm being honest, I'm not at all totally jealous that pretty soon here, they'll both be working downtown, within blocks of each other. Hmph.) Always fun to think that this is the 21st birthday summer I've spent with these ladies (we all have in-a-row summer birthdays). How old are we? Ha! I'm so glad we still enjoy each others' company after all these years.

Anyway... Sara took my recommendation and got the Yardbird, which is pulled bbq chicken with cheese, mushrooms, and bacon. Tabi went with a pulled pork platter. And I finally got around to trying the Genius, which is a fake bbq chicken sandwich (minus the coleslaw and pickles, of course). You can't go to Slows and not get the mac and cheese, so I got a side of it (seriously, $2.50? Total steal.), as well as a piece of cornbread.

"Are you really taking our picture while we're eating?"

I think everyone was pretty pleased with their food, and I was glad Sara enjoyed the Yardbird. I'm glad I tried the fakie chicken because it was pretty good and the best fake chicken I've had yet. I would, however, ask if they could top it with cheese and mushrooms if I got it again. I had serious Yardbird envy. After dinner, Sara took us on a little tour of her soon-to-be new neighborhood in the D, then drove us over to her new office, which is right on the river. Swanky.

Hello, Canada!

BTW, you will NOT believe what Slows had on their cocktail board. It was a... well, it was so horrible I seem to have blocked the name out of my head. But it had pickle in the title. But it's a cocktail, so I assumed it had to be a funny play on words -- maybe a cocktail with green liquor in it or something. I have a pickle blog! So, of course, I asked what it was. The first thing out of the waitress' mouth was "...pickle juice." I said "STOP RIGHT THERE." I'm still offended. Blech!


Sara said...

You have to make these! http://www.thebittenword.com/thebittenword/

Mrs. Church said...

Mmmm. Smoked salmon is the best.

Why do I always want to type "smolked"?