24 July 2010

Red sky at night.

I went to the movies with my mom last night, and when we came out, there were all sorts of storms going on. By the time we finished dinner post-movie, it had stopped raining. When I got home, I went outside to take a picture of this crazy ticked off-looking sky.

While on the deck, I noticed something strange protruding from our woods and all the way across our yard and into our neighbor's yard.

Why yes, that IS a giant tree. A giant dead tree.

The red tint from the sky emulates my frustration. Did I mention we had a house showing scheduled for first thing this morning and an open house Sunday morning? I woke up this morning and took a peek...

Yep, still there.

Sigh. I am at least thankful that it didn't hit the house. It didn't knock our deck over. But it is still a huge ass tree. In my yard. If the HOA won't remove it, I WILL flip my lid. This will be funny eventually. Like, in 2014.

And, also on the bright side, considering the weather the past two days, I am VERY thankful Lisa S. and I made our 2nd annual AA Art Fair pilgrimage on Wednesday. It was still pretty toasty, but there was a light breeze and it waited to rain until we got home.

Ladies who art fair.

We remembered that the South U area was our favorite last year, so we headed there first. It didn't disappoint. In fact, we went back there at the end of the day to purchase the two items we'd been thinking about all afternoon.

Feed me!

If you look closely, you'll see a little Seymour, nearly giving Lisa a big kiss. I suspect he will have a home soon in Lisa's new garden!

Georgie is everyone's muse!

We make a good team. In and out in a few hours, a nice break for lunch, and, most importantly... Stop for birthday cake at Jefferson Market on the way back to the car!

The little cake boy made my day. Not only did he let me pretend it was my actual birthday, he gave me my cake for free AND guessed that I was 22. He he he. :) I heart Lisa art fair day.

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Birgles McGee said...

Oh, man. I totally forgot about Jefferson Market. I shall revisit very soon!