04 July 2010

America, eff yeah.

What a difference a few days makes! Hard to believe I was just on the beach on Monday... seems a million miles and a world away. And time sure does fly fast, too. Here we are, July 4 already -- let's take a brief moment to celebrate with a patriotic tune:

Wax lips!

Anyway, lots to catch up on, but I get so lazy when Brad is home that I seem to have left you hanging with a New Buffalo teaser (and I know you've been on pins and needles!).

Isn't it cute?

I went to NB years ago with Rachel, and it's just as lovely as I remember (the beach is beautiful for sunsets, btw). I asked Rachel for her top recommendation for dinner, and she sent us to Brewster's, which I had also visited before with her. We waited about 45 minutes (damn FIPs, hehe), sitting at the bar sipping on Bellinis (while, I did at least), then somehow scored a great table out on the patio. From what I understand, the menu changes daily, and it offers an amazing two-person four-course meal for $31. Brad was set on the meat lasagna, so we'll save that deal for next time. We started with two house salads.

Mm. Salad + Prosecco.

I've never been much of a salad person, but I've been on a real kick lately, and this salad did not disappoint. Plus it came with bread and cheese. The waitress asked, "Would you like bread and cheese with your salads?" Brad and I looked at each other like, is that rhetorical? Duh!

World's biggest lasagna.

Seafood risotto. Hello!

While the lovely woman next to us found the risotto a little too spicy for her, it left my lips happily buzzing and I finished every last bite. Filled with shrimp and tasty little clams, I was in heaven. Cheesy, spicy, fluffy, creamy... This was easily one of the best risottos I've ever eaten. Brewster's currently holds our no. 1 spot for west-side dining.

The next day, we trekked to South Bend to check out Notre Dame's campus, and, of course, it was gorgeous. Growing up in Ann Arbor, most campuses have disappointed me over the years, but ND certainly holds its own, at least in the "this place is so pretty" respect. Plus, they have trees that look like they're dressed in camo.

Where'd the tree go?

Then, as we got back into St. Joe, we discovered we had some surprise visitors waiting for us at the beach...

The whole fam.

My mom and Larry decided to take a spur-of-the-moment trip to the beach, and I'm so glad they did. Jordan loved the beach (and loved the hotel pool, too), and I had so much fun showing my family around my new town. Even though my mom kept throwing out the gems ("You do realize Lake Michigan is soooo polluted, right?"; "The sand is full of feces!"), I know she enjoyed herself, too.

Eventually it was time to come back to AA, but I had lots of special visitors waiting at home, too, so it was ok. For two afternoons this week, I helped my Aunt Sandy man world's coolest garage sale.

Hooray for visits home from West Virginia! While we saw our share of freaks (including the across-the-street neighbor who kept leering at us from afar), it was super fun, and I even scored some loot from Sandy's secret stash.

Why yes, that top pan is......

Le Creuset!!!

Talk about the score of the century. When I eventually start cooking again (come on, house buyers!!), I will break this baby in -- and it perfectly matches the dream kitchen design I have working in my head... * swoon * I also can't wait to get a-juicing.

Our other visitors aren't really visitors at all... Sara (Mrs. Wandercraft herself) and Matt have relocated back to the area, and I got to see them THREE times this week. That is just craziness! I'm so excited to have them here, and I plan on soaking up all the Sara and Matt time that I possibly can while we're still in AA. Friday we got to sit down and have a relaxing dinner together, and props to Sara for putting together a delicious meal for us.

Welcome home! Now, cook us food!

Sara and I had popped into the Zingerman's farmer's market on Thursday, picking up some veggies, mozzarella, and locally harvested shrimp, which Sara whipped up into a delicious pasta dish. We topped it off with Zingerman's sourdough, a bottle of Blackstar Farms' late harvest Riesling, and blackberries picked from Sara's mom's yard. Great food, great friends, and a great reminder that cooking and the little extra touches (i.e., grilling the veggies) can make a home-cooked meal better than any night out.


And finally, this post comes to you courtesy of my new bff:

She's glittery.

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Lady Lisa said...

A post full of such lovely things! Hope you enjoyed your 4th. :-) I'm certainly not ready to get back to the grind. At least you have sparkles to fill your daily grind now!