09 July 2010

Sell this house.

We sold the house! Well, we got an offer and accepted, at least. We haven't closed yet, obviously, but you know. We sold the house! A couple from Hong Kong is relocating, and they came through our house last week. When they got wind of our price reduction, they made an offer. And we accepted. No silly back and forth. And... and this is my favorite part -- they said the house looked professionally staged (!!) and want to buy all our furniture (!!!). This is exciting because I worked so hard staging the house and I'm really pretty proud of how everything turned out. And because I've had to keep this house spic and span for nearly three months. With two huge furry dogs. This just reaffirms... I'm a good sort-of housewife after all. Aw. Thanks, Hong Kong, people.

Things are about to get pretty crazy. The HK people want to close... by the end of the month! So Monday morning, we will put in our official offer on our new house at the beach:

The vineyard house.

Keep your fingers crossed for us! Assuming all goes well on that end, and we can work out all the details with the relo company and the bank and blah blah blah, we'll most likely move on July 30. Happy birthday to me! HA!

Now that that stress is done with, I can begin to focus on * sigh * actually moving. It's been easy to kind of ignore those feelings because I've had to focus on getting the house sold. But now that I only have three weeks left in my hometown, with most of my closest friends, wow... let the waterworks begin!

Update: I misunderstood. We'll try to move into our new house July 30. We'll probably have to be out of here around the 26th. Holy crap!


the two of us said...

OMG! Meg told me the good news before I saw this. AWESOMENESS! That new house looks like it will be straight out of a magazine or something. Wishing you totally easy selling and moving and all of that crazy stuff!

AND let us know as soon as you're ready for visitors!! ;-)

Mrs. Church said...

Thanks, Liz! We should be in by August, so we'll be set up for guests in no time. :)