26 July 2010

Slumber party massacre.

I love a good theme party. Like love love. And when I realized Brad was going to be out of town the weekend before my birthday, it seemed only natural to have a girly PJ party. And I love PJs. I mean, I practically live in my PJs. So it was the perfect plan.

This past Saturday, I piled Krissy, Alison, Birgit, Melissa, Lisa, Kristal, and Tabi into the house and we got to girls-only pamper-time business. Well, after we worked our way through four bottles of champagne, that is.

Lisa, the box engineer, of course.

Heidi fit right in.

Not only did Kristal bring her killer foot bath...
She gave me a real foot massage!!

And mud masks ensued.
Pictures blurred to protect the innocent. he he he!

Orange nails to match the new party PJs.

And, there was cake. Oh glorious cake.

Melissa slaved over this beautiful watermelon cake, which was also SO tasty! Chocolate cake, and I don't know where it's hidden in there, but there is cherry somewhere. I love chocolate and cherry! I'm the luckiest cake girl ever. :) (And I've still got a huge chunk left. Maybe if Brad is lucky I will share it with him.)

And Of COURSE we had a pillow fight!
Georgie officiated.

This was the perfect way to kick off my 32nd year. Love you ladies!

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