10 October 2008

Stop the presses.

Last night, I shared a lovely dinner at Vinology with Meg, Shivani, Sarah, and Mike. I'm always so thrilled when I get a Meg visit, and especially thrilling is a Meg visit at Vinology.

So we all sit down, peruse the wine list... la la la la. Since I'm all in the know about Michigan wine now (ha! :)), I did a scan through the menu looking for Michigan. Then my eyes hit it.... Sex. SEX! At Vinology! My excitement seemed to convince the others, so we ordered a bottle (only by the bottle, but not bad at $28), and then another. Everyone loves Sex! I was hesitant to open my bottle anytime soon because then, you know, it'd be gone. But now that I know I can have it anytime I like, I might have to bust that baby open soon!

Now enough about Sex! (...but yes, it was just as good as I remembered!)

Much to Meg's horror, I had to order the rabbit. Last time I was there, they were out, and I'd been thinking about it ever since. Just something new to try. Plus, it had Michigan mushrooms with it... and polenta... I couldn't resist. So Meg, if you're reading this, EARMUFFS..... It was really yummy. I ate every last bite. Including the skin, which, as I thought about it, did start to creep me out a little, but I managed to push that thought aside to focus on the herb stuffing in between the skin and the meat... Delish. We topped off the meal with a shared order of "milk" (cream) and cookies. Perfect. And Meg! Double perfect.


KayBee said...

What you had SEX with Megan now too? Teehee...
Well, hopefully that doesn't lead to you putting boxes in her trunk....
I can't stop...teehee.
Can't touch this..

Lady Lisa said...

I'm insulted. I thought I was your one and only!? I guess at least I'm still the first one you had sex with. ;-)