24 October 2008

My lucky day.

Ironic, a week before my third anniversary as a Church (and nearly three years after moving to this house), I get a "Welcome to the neighborhood, Somerville Family!" care package in the mail from, I dunno, the city? Anyway, most of it was crap, but buried in there was a coupon from Hollywood Video for three free videos. Wtf? Sign me up! I figured there would be a catch, but I sure as heck was going to at least try it out. Off I went to Hollywood. Husband-that-doesn't-like-to-watch-movies-be-damned! It's almost Halloween, so, of course, I decided I would have a little horror movie marathon and selected four movies. Up I shuffle to the counter, unsure of my sure-to-be black market coupon... Low and behold, not only was my coupon legit, I had a FREE rental credit. WHAT? Where did that come from? "Do you want to use your credit today?" Heck yeah! I grabbed my movies and scurried out of there before I could be busted for what was clearly some hinky movie mojo. So tonight is the night... It's unlikely I'll get through all these tonight, but I darn well better get through them in the next five days.

Yo, check us out!

Lost Boys 2. How can I resist? Takes me back to the days of my Corey Haim shrine. Sigh.

Teeth. Literally. Teeth. In the crotchal area. Sweet.

The Happening. Will probably suck. But we are suckers for M. Night Shamalamadingdong.

Basket Case. Absolutely will be outrageous and ridiculous. I can't wait.

Have a haunting weekend, my friends! xoxo

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MattsRants said...

Is teeth any good (or did you make it up to see that one?)