05 October 2008

Everything tastes better in a Ted Bundy bowl.

More fall loveliness to report, this time including the sweet visiting styles of Rachel and Floyd. While the menfolk were off playing poker, I decided to whip up some yum for me and Rachel. And since Rachel, like a normal person, likes mushrooms, I was able to bust out an old recipe that would be lost on mushroom-hating Bradford. It's originally from Cooking Light, but this fine lady was nice enough to type it up exactly as is so I don't have to. Check it out: pasta with mushrooms and pumpkin-Gorgonzola sauce. (I swear I will bust out the REAL pumpkin soon!)

As always, I omitted the garlic. I didn't have fresh sage on hand, so I used dried. I also doubled the spices. Otherwise, I cooked it according to plan. It turned out delicious. Mmm. And it was easy. Another one I highly recommend. It's kind of like mac and cheese on crack, and we ate nearly the entire pot.

Joining the party was a bottle of Witches Brew from Leelenau Cellars (another bottle from wine tour!). Technically it's supposed to be warmed, but we drank it straight, and it was awesome. Spicy mulled red wine. With a witch on the label. Can't beat that, can you? I have two bottles left (I stocked up), AND I'm happy to report that some of our stores down here carry it if you'd like to try it out, too (I've seen it at Plum and I'd bet it's at Whole Foods, too).

Eventually we made room in our bellies for some vegan cherry oat bars from Avalon Bakery in Detroit. All those apples I still have left, buying dessert felt like cheating, but the bakery window at Plum Market is just TOO tempting (I also bought a cannoli... we'll see if it compares to Mike's [doubtful]).

Thanks to R&F for a lovely, relaxing, and delicious evening!


Rachel said...

Likewise, babe. Even if you made me look at sliced arms and puss-filled wounds afterward. ;) Love all around! :D

KayBee said...

Awwww! Sounds like fun, drinking, food, serial killers and apparently a doggy play date. Sign me up for that. My chi-chi can hang.