16 October 2008

I'm a pepper.

Last night we ate up all of Kristal's delicious booty (yeah, I said booty!), and, unsurprisingly, it was, well, delicious! Now, this is totally nerdy, but I LOVE to chop. I could chop veggies all night. (Ha! AND my grandma's name was Choppy... Maybe there's something to this....) So I'm already enjoying chopping up my peppers, but they were just SO beautiful. I love rainbow peppers. Consider my enjoyment tripled.

Even the insides are pretty!

Choppy lopy do.

I was originally going to use my wok, but, in addition to nerdy chopping love, I also love to saute (I know I know). Something about the heat and the oil and the smooshing everything around... So multiple pans and cook time and cleanup be damned. The stove it was. Meanwhile, of course, I was cookin' up a big pot of rice. I'm still not touching meat, so I'd bought a pound of stir fry chicken. Threw this in the skillet with some oil and a ton of basil and oregano. The other skillet got all the peppers with a little oil and some salt. Once everything was done, I threw it all together, dropped in a few cherry tomatoes for good measure, and it was time to eat.

The morning after... I woke up this morning, and the entire house still smelt of wonderful, delicious pepper goodness. Ahhhh.

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Lady Lisa said...

pssssst. we should totally have a chop party. I could seriously make veggie trays and fruit salad all night with MY choppy do, chop, choppy do.