26 October 2008

Gonna wash that green right outta my hair.

Update: Despite another all-nighter (literally [thanks, stupid steroids]), I didn't make it through all four movies Friday night. Brad and I watched Basket Case, which was ok. (Brad: "Did you seriously just make me watch that? Really?") I watched Lost Boys 2 on my own, and I cannot recommend it on any level. Terrible acting, obvious ripoffs from the original, stupid storylines (extreme sports-loving vamps? barf), and Corey Feldman... I fast forwarded most of the 2nd half. Two more nights to finish the rest up!

I had grand plans for Saturday afternoon. Football day, so I had the house to myself. Well, thanks, all-nighter, for totally ruining my whole day. Luckily the dogs were sleepy, so they let me be a slug on the couch all day. I spent the whole day in what felt like a drunken, foggy haze -- still unable to sleep but absolutely incapable of doing anything requiring thought. I share this only because it was such a disappointment to lose my entire crafty day, and because I somehow managed to pull my brain out of my butt and not only survive but thoroughly enjoy this year's Halloween Bang! Seriously... Halloween, costumes, dance remix Halloween theme song, Night Breed and Evil Dead video clips... I wish it was the Halloween Bang every night. :) Flanked by my trusty Brads and the lovely ladies (and yeah for Jason and Brad&Alison -- you guys are all too cute!), I had a wonderful night. AND Halloween isn't even here yet!!

Is that your costume or your normal outfit?

Last night I was finally able to sleep, and thanks, Brad, for letting me sleep until 11 am. I feel a million times better today, and I spent the day fiddling away in "my room." Now, we all know my craft space has been through a multitude of redos... But if I haven't mentioned it yet, we finally just deemed the office my work room (which I also share with the dogs -- their cages are up there), and I was able to move out of the basement. Hooray! Not only do I not feel totally isolated from the rest of the house up there, it's warm and cozy, and I can still spread all out, too.

Yeah! ME room!

Just a quick side note for fellow REM fans -- I FINALLY picked up some frames at Ikea last week for a framing project that's been in the works since 1991.

The top magazine cover is from 1991, during the REM "Losing My Religion" era. This is when we jumped on the bandwagon, and I am so happy I held on to at least one full, intact issue of this Rolling Stone (I bought three of course!). The second cover comes full circle, from this spring, just in time for mine and Sara's road trip, and REM's new album and tour.

Back to the goods... In addition to some secret birthday surprise finagling (yeah, I'm talkin to you, Rachel and Kristal!! One more week! One more week!), I finally got started on a project I've been planning for ages. I love cookbooks, but I also love cooking magazines and rely heavily on internet recipes. So I've got scraps all over the place. I organized these somewhat a few years ago, but my folder was limited to just a few categories. Plus, it totally wasn't pretty. So today I ran over to Target, picked up a three-ring binder (oh how I love school supplies), some page protectors, and some tabbed separators, and I got to work!

I only got through the very beginning today... But I think I made a pretty hefty start! I can't wait to have everything all laid out, nice and neat... Ahhh.....

If don't get a chance to say so before Friday, spooks spiders and love from yours truly. Happy Halloween!



Rachel said...

Haha. You said ween.


Lady Lisa said...

I'm soooooo jealous of your craftiness. I have no time lately to be crafty! I need this basement redo to be finished already. Anywho, looks like you had the same problem I did: the tabs are shorter than the pages once they're in page protectors. I fixed that by using stick on tabs. :-) Congrats on getting started though! (and the REM covers look GREAT)

KayBee said...

Alright...I must know how you get the photos to post like that. Must I have a tech-challenge-afternoon-training session with you too? Date..food..fun. Must set soon.

Sara said...

Yeah for a craft room! Jealous. Things are already a little out of control here as I'm spreading out in the living room over time.