09 October 2008

Fall harvest fairy.

I had a little visitor this morning... None other than Miss Kristal popped in, bearing the fruits of her amazing garden. Peppers, hot peppers, pumpkins, gourds, Halloween goodies... even canned tomatoes and apple butter! Every time I walk by my basket of yum, I get a noseful of pure delicious nose candy (actually, I can still smell it over here, across the room!). I can't WAIT to dig in! Kristal, you are such a dear! xoxo


Sara said...

What an awesome idea! It's so lovely! Lucky you!:)

KayBee said...

Happy Harvest Day!!
Glad you loved it Sweetie. Sorry you had to get up early. Enjoy every last bite.... it's made with "love" (not figuratively of course that would be gross - teehee)

Lady Lisa said...