07 October 2008

Our little man.

Based on the vet's estimations, we did the math and gave George a birthday of October 7. Which means today is his first birthday. We've definitely had our struggles with George, but from day one he has been nothing but the sweetest little guy, with nothing but love for us. It still breaks my heart that anyone ever dared hurt him, and I am thankful every day that he came into our lives. There's nothing like having that little wet snout poking you in the face for a little love and attention, and nothing makes me happier than seeing his crazy furry tale wagging a mile a minute. So here's to you, George Porg. You've come so far, and we love you!

Day 1 with our little teddy bear...

Heidi takes to being a big sis.

Nothing but smiles a year later.

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Alison said...

Happy birthday, Georgie!