02 March 2008

Take off your sexy snowsuit, put back on your moon boots...

It's Sunday again, so here are a few scatterbrained and quick thoughts from the week as I cook up some pasta (I did three miles on the treadmill today... need to carbo-refill!). Then it's back to AFV!

Thursday Brad and I spent the evening with Brendan and Bridget. Always a blast -- such a pair of cuties. You may be interested to know, actually, that Brad is now Uncle Dan. Check it out.

Saturday, Birgit and I went to see Sia at the Magic Stick. Prior to the main event, we were treated to Har Mar Superstar. I'm not quite sure how to describe what ensued other than to say... he looked like Ron Jeremy, he sang like Justin Timberlake, he danced like Richard Simmons, and... it... was... awesome. (not my clip, but worth a peek)

You can bet your ass I bought his CD right then and there. While not quite as "energetic," Sia was pretty awesome herself and might just make a fan out of me yet! And hey, they all came out in glow-stick masks. And that's pretty cool.

Jason and I watched Inside today (A l'interieur). Brutal. Brutal. Seriously. Flippin French! Not for the squeamish.

PS. This weekend's scrapbook layouts. I've been on a roll! :)

1970s Daddy-o

Snowshowin' Elliotts

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Sara said...

Love all your layouts!! Your family ones are so great. Love hippie mama below. You are on a roll. I gotta get myself working on something too. :)