17 March 2008

Splish splash.

I wish I had photos to share of the big event, but as a first-time puppy bather, I didn't think it would be the smartest idea (kinda like when I took my camera out to a sandbar in the ocean). Anyway, as you have likely surmised, George finally got a bath! Poor stinky little guy. I think he was pretty freaked out by the whole thing, but once I started pouring the warm water over him, he calmed down. And after the first few initial jump-out attempts, he mostly just stood there (albeit crammed in the corner of the tub) and let me wash him up. We waited two weeks to do this because we didn't want to scare him, and luckily he doesn't seem too scarred by the whole thing. He's still the same crazy little pup.

Another milestone: We went out for a few hours on Saturday afternoon, and when we came back in, George was barking his head off (sidenote: we're having a little bit of a separation anxiety problem). We go over to his cage (soaked in pee) and there is blood everywhere! Total panic... what the heck? OMG are you ok? Trying to find something on him, look in his mouth, see what's up... Nothing! We can't find anything. We start pulling his blankets out to put in the wash, and what do we see? A tooth!! Our little Georgie lost his first baby tooth. Aww.

PS Heidi and George are still best buds.


the two of us said...

so cute! how can you not adopt up every one of these little guys?
mabel & clyde say hi.

Sara said...

Love that picture of the two lovebirds. Heidi is a good foster mom! A mother Theresa of dogs!

Lisa said...

How incredibly frickin' cute. I love dog friends! Also...I'm pretty sure I have the same striped rug. Crate and Barrel, no?