21 March 2008

Come on, you know you wanna do it!

Last night I was able to attend the second humane society foster meeting (I had to miss the first in November), and it was actually pretty interesting... minus the forever-long talk about cats and cat medicine and cat food and cat poo! ha ha! But it was pretty eye-opening. I just assumed there was this huge pool of foster families, but there really just isn't. Obviously, some people weren't able to attend the meeting. But for all of the animals that need that time away from the shelter, there weren't more than 20 people at the meeting. And nearly all of them were cat fosters -- only four or five of us were dog fosters. So if you, or anyone you know, is interested in fostering, go for it! There's no obligation to take any particular animal, at any time, they just ask that you commit to six months of availability. There's a mailing list, and when an animal needs fostering, you get a (mass mailing) note -- but again, there is never any pressure to take a particular animal. You don't have to be at home all day like me, and you don't even have to live in Washtenaw County. With kitten season coming up, too, sounds like they still need more and more cat fosters. They said they received something like 600 kittens last year. So there's my plea. Just give it some thought. :) And while it's hard to care for an animal and ultimately have to give it up... the animals REALLY need it. So it's worth it.

I also registered to do Walk & Wag with Heidi this year. Lisa and Macy are going to walk, too. :) If you're interested in joining us, again, you don't have to live in Washtenaw County. Heck, you don't even have to physically walk. All they ask is that you raise at least $35 to participate. Sounds like it will be a fun time!!

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Alison said...

I SO wish I could foster cats or dogs! One of my kitties was a foster, and if it weren't for Kalamazoo Animal Rescue, he'd be a dead kitty. (The other one was a stray, so if it wasn't for ME, she'd be a dead kitty.) Sadly, they don't do well with other animals at all and the logistics of keeping everyone separated would be a nightmare!