24 March 2008

And Georgie makes four.

More on the newest Church...

As foster parents, we fully intended to, well, foster George. We've been through this a few times now, and we know the drill. While always hard to let go in the end, that's what you've signed up for, and fosters are so needed that you just want to remain available for the next dog in need. Because there will always be dogs in need.

That being said, when Brad came to me on Saturday night and said, "We need to keep George," it didn't take a whole lot of convincing. After everything he's been through, now that he's settled and safe and happy, how can we uproot him again? And how can we bear to let someone else raise him? We can't. So my friends, George is here to stay.

Dudes! Are you serious?

OOOOK, fine, he can stay.

George and I took a field trip to the humane society this afternoon to figure stuff out. Although nearly certain as fosters we get "first dibs" (we do), I was still terrified I'd get there and they'd say "Oh, we forgot to tell you? So and so is taking him." And with us being gone next week for Vegas, I was worried they'd say, well, he's yours now, you get him fixed and you find someone to watch him next week. Luckily, none of that happened. Everyone was so excited to see him, and everyone was geniunely happy that we want to adopt him. A million thanks to shelter manager Jeri, who is more than happy to still let George stay with her next week and will make sure he gets fixed while we're gone. I feel so much better now. That's not to say I won't be calling her every day to see how he's doing. :)

If you haven't already met him, come by soon and give him some lovin and welcome him to his new, forever home. Rest easy, Georgie. You're safe now. XOXO

PS. As I promised volunteer coordinator Kelly (and swore on the Bible, Koran, and Torah)... we will still remain on the foster list. It may be awhile before we can handle another puppy, but hopefully we can still help out with other dogs in need!

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Sara said...

Heidi and George are meant to be! :)