11 March 2008

Top ten.

Just a mini update before I head out to meet Lisa Z for some yummy martinis!! :)

1. No accidents ALL day.

2. This morning, Georgie walked from inside, down the block, around the cul de sac, and back.

3. With my lunch in his sights, Georgie jumped UP on the couch!

4. The leash is the magic trick: we've had the pooch tethered to us since yesterday morning (when he isn't relaxing in his crate). He can still roam around and play with Heidi, or lay down or chew his bone, but he can't get out of our site and into his "marking territory."

5. Our boy is curvy! His belly is filling out, and no longer can you feel the bones in his skull.

6. He loves his grandpas! He got to love on Bob and Larry.

7. Heidi and George are in love. It is SO cute to watch them play. George lays on his back or vice versa and they roll around and nuzzle each others bellies and nip at each others feet and smooch.

8. He's almost strong enough for a bath! We're used to the stinky by now, but he'll smell even better after the lavender soap hits him.

9. He's sleeping better and better every night. Tonight we're thinking we won't set the 2:30 am alarm -- we'll just wait and see when he wakes us up (and we discovered he can and will bark when he needs to go out).

10. He's the cutest little Georgie Pooch ever!

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Anonymous said...

George is the cutest. I want him!