28 March 2008


Typically, me and the kids spend the day as such: me in the middle of the couch on my laptop, Heidi to my left or right, against or on me (literally -- her favorite spot is across my lap, making me type over her), and George sleeping on the floor. He's a floor guy. Not a snuggler. Well, once yesterday and just now today.... George jumped up and snuggled up against me and fell asleep on the couch. So now I'm sitting here, laptop in, well, lap, Heidi snuggled to my left, George snuggled to my right. Aww.

This weekend will likely be a little crazy. I leave for Vegas on Monday, so I've got all my crap to get together -- I'll be there seven days, so lots of clothes to try on and figure out and pack. Monday through Thursday is work (yuck), but Thursday night through Sunday is fun. An early congrats to Melissa and Shawn, whose wedding we'll be attending Saturday night. Lots of love to the pre-newlyweds!

Another big event coming up.... My dear dear Jessica is TURNING THIRTY ON SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!! So lots of love to her, and Jess, I wish I could be with you. Miss you and love you oodles and oodles.

*I see you peekin at me, birthday girl!


Anonymous said...

I dont want to be 30. Yuck. If you are going to Vegas, you can hang out with Mike. He will be there also.

Stephanie said...

what's mike doing in vegas? is he attending the pcb show, too? :)

you should come meet us!

Anonymous said...

He is working there. I wish I could. I have class and I start clinicals. No time!