08 March 2008

Georgie Wan Kenobi.

As you can see, Georgie and Heidi are getting closer and closer. It's so cute to watch -- they keep following each other around everywhere, laying on the floor together, snuggling on the couch, and... even... playing!!! While George clearly can't play like Heidi can (and is dying to), they nuzzle and scoot around and give each other little smacks in the face. Heidi still is being very patient with him and doesn't push -- who'da thunk she could be so mature?

George has gone from a full day of sitting on the couch (his first day here) to nonstop action (today). He still doesn't move very fast, but he's up and down up and down all day, checking stuff out, sniffing around. He can even hop off the couch and his legs will support his landing. It's amazing. Seriously.

We have encountered one problem, but luckily it's just a normal puppy problem. Georgie thinks he needs to pee and/or mark every five minutes. And I mean that literally. In spurts, for the past two days, he's peed at least 45,403 times. We'll take him out, he'll pee twice, poop, we'll bring him back in, set him down, and he'll go pee in the kitchen. Oh, and he doesn't like to pee on tile. I started to worry that he might have an infection, but when he finally calms down for the night around 9 or 10, he'll sleep for two hours at a time, and then again for four hours at night in his cage. I looked it up online and realized he's probably marking. Our little masculine pooch! I called the hs this morning and spoke with the shelter manager, and she agreed that's likely what he's doing. She suggested we have him spend some relaxing, cozy time in his puppy crate, that it might help with the transition. So in between playtimes with Heidi, mini-walks outside, and lots of snacks, he's taking two or three naps in his crate, and you know what? I think it's helped! We haven't had a single accident since. Fingers crossed! But again, still a sigh of relief to deal with normal "he's just a puppy!" problems. I'll take it!

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