28 February 2008

Take three.

So a few weeks ago, Brad and I made a trip to Ikea. We got some under-the-cupboard "towel bar/rack" thingys... So we can now hang our dish towel without Heidi getting it. I also got a spice rack thing that hangs from the same space under the cupboard on the wall. It makes me very happy. On the same trip, we picked up a cheap and simple craft desk. So behold, my friends, Craft Space: Part Three!

Now that my new and improved space was ready for use... I spent a few hours this weekend and caught up on a few layouts I've had in the works. Now if it weren't so darn cold down there, I'd get even more done! :)

Grandpa Somerville


Beth Is Born

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Rachel said...

Awww. I see mini-Steph! Cute!