08 February 2008

Here, lizard lizard.

Florida in winter is like a fairy tale. We were walking out of the airport, and even though I saw the sun and knew better, I already felt the impending chill that comes with going outside in the winter. But when we walked outside.... nothing happened. No snow smacked me in the face, no breeze chilled me to the bone... Nothing happened but sun and warm. I'm still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that this can exist in the same time and place as the snowy mess we left behind just a day ago. AND I feel like a million bucks. It's amazing the cheering effect just a little sun can have on you. I've got everything I need with me: laptop, phone, camera, husband. I told my in-laws I'm officially moving into the pink room. Hope everyone will come down and visit me soon! :)

The only sad news I have to report is that the birthday boy is sick. :( He felt something coming on all week and it's just gotten worse every day. We went and had dinner at Conchy Joe's last night, and that's when it seemed to hit him the worst. He was near dead by the time we came home and went to bed. This morning, he's a disaster. Dr. Bob diagnosed strep. Happy 30th bday, Brad. :( He had to cancel today's golf outting (he's been SO excited about this for months!) even. We're planning to head down to South Beach as planned later today, so hopefully he feels better as the day progresses and well enough tomorrow to enjoy the beach and the record-high temperatures. Fingers crossed he can play golf when we come back here on his actual birthday.

Enjoying a tasty beverage at dinner.

As for me, I'm happy as a clam. I got to swim in the pool yesterday, even got a sunburn, and spend the evening in flip flops and a tank top. Finishing up some work now, then it's back to the pool... Ahhh. This is the way to live.

Working Indoors is Overrated

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