01 April 2012

I'm not dead yet.

I totally jinxed myself. Two weeks ago, I said the words "I haven't been sick in forever!" to a friend, and then I wrote here about how I've managed to keep up with my at-least-three-days-a-week running schedule since November... Well, I'm still sick, and I haven't run or even walked once this week. Sigh. On the bright side, I may have dropped some weight regardless since I have * gasp * lost my appetite. Here's what my week has looked like:

  • Three boxes of Kleenex
  • Two boxes of Chloraseptic throat drops
  • 1 bottle of Nyquil; 1 bottle of Dayquil
  • 1 box of Sudafed
  • 1 bottle of Mucinex
  • 1 bottle of antibiotics (went to the doc to discover a sinus infection, grr!)
  • 1 bottle Affrin nose spray (but only for 3 days, lest my nose become addicted!)
  • 3 nights in a row of buttered noodles with parmesan cheese (Brad's new specialty) 
  • Countless hours of CSI
  • Endless looks of "ew" from Bradford

Exciting stuff, right? I can only hope that at the very least I have my appetite back in full force by next Friday because Birgy Birg and I are off to the Big Apple, where will we also meet up with now-NYC resident Lisa Z. Here's what we have in store for our palettes:

Cheese made from nuts? I'm game!

Because I missed so much work this week, I begrudgingly agreed to work four days next week instead of my normal three, so between being bitter about that and getting ready for my trip, I may not be back until the following week. See you soon with lots of tales from the big city!

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Sara said...

I'm excited for you! I predict you'll be healed and ready to go!