23 April 2012

Bun in the oven.

No, no, not me! Hillary!

Last weekend, Molly and I co-hosted a baby sprinkle for Hillary. I like to think I made up the term, as clever as I am... :) But it's baby number two, so technically not a shower. See? A sprinkle! Just some friends brunching it up in honor of the expectant mama and new baby.

Molly was kind enough to host everyone at her parents' condo on the waterfront, and we divvied up the food duties. Molly made the dessert, I made (and/or purchased) the food and punch(es). When we first broached the idea with Hillary a few months ago, her one request was deviled eggs. So, I made some deviled eggs.

That's a lotta hardboiled eggs!

I have to confess I made somewhat of a mess peeling the eggs... but I think I managed to disguise my hack job pretty decently...

I followed a pretty basic recipe - the only frills were a 1/4 cup of pimentos. I dare say they turned out pretty well for my first try!

Next up, macaroni salad (I know, kind of a mayo-heavy brunch!). I settled on this recipe, even though the addition of sugar seemed odd. I skipped the carrots (lazy), added a few spoonfuls of pimentos, and went a little light on the sugar. Even still, it tasted way too sweet at first. Luckily this had overnight to sit because by the next afternoon, it tasted great (and just the right amount of mayo-y - a few people said they don't normally like mayo-based salads but liked this [unless they were just being nice, ha!]. I will definitely be revisiting this recipe.

I also brought a spread of mini bagels (plain and raisin), cream cheese (plain and garden veggie), avocado, and smoked salmon.

To drink, Preggo Punch (sparkling cherry water, limes, raspberries, sprite) and Non-Preggo Punch (Yellow Tail moscato, mint, peaches, kiwi, raspberries, and a splash of sprite).

Preggo punch for mamas!

And crazy props to Molly for making super awesome (and delicious) flower cupcakes (did I mention the sprinkle was garden themed?).

I feel incredibly lucky to be able to share this special time with Hillary and her family. I know I had a great time at her sprinkle, and I sure hope she did, too. Can't wait to meet the new addition very soon!!!

Best wishes and lots of love to baby Smits! xoxo

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