03 April 2012

You put the lime in the coconut.

I didn't expect to pop back in, but popping back in I am. Three days until NYC! Weee!!!

Fun discovery for fellow Picasa users - it has absorbed several of the fun functions of Picnik, which it bought then shut down. That's sad, of course, but I must confess I'm quite pleased with the now-easily accessible 1960s function (I'm experimenting below).

Anyway, I had a very silly dinner, so I thought I would share. My appetite is still all wonky, so the ONLY thing that sounded good for dinner was (grocery store) sushi. Brad didn't want it so I got him some chicken from the deli counter. And a little something for me that I just couldn't resist.

Nothing hits the spot quite like sushi... and instant mashed potatoes!

But for dessert.... Swoon.... Key lime cupcakes from Hillary, who is the QUEEN OF CAKE. (Our family Sunday dinners deserve their own post down the road, but for the last one she made a coconut cake that I'm still dreaming about.)

To make these, Hillary hand squeezed her own key lime juice (who knew, but apparently, Meijer actually carries true key limes?!) and I know she always makes everything from scratch.  And, lucky for me, she often makes too much and is so kind as to share with her neighbors! These didn't fail to amaze, and I actually swooned out loud with each bite I took. Sweet, tangy, and (sorry, have to do it) moist. Yum yum. My belly is happy now.

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