22 April 2012

Eggs in the city.

I <3 Chicago. I really do. I've come to the conclusion that outside of New Orleans, it is my favorite city in the states. It makes me have smooshy feelings when I drive over the bridge and can see the skyline. And, although Birgit may not believe me (ha!), I can maneuver around, usually know where I am, and feel comfortable scooting around by myself. Driving in and around doesn't even stress me out too much. I feel very lucky to now live so close. Especially when I have friends there for business!

Attending a social media conference, Melissa S. had a room at the Blackstone Hotel in Grant Park, just across from Millennium Park, and she was so lovely to invite me to join her. So I headed west Wednesday from work and spent the night and most of the next day with her. (Btw, highly recommend the hotel - it was beautiful and the rooms were nice and comfy.)

Wednesday night we walked (it was a lovely evening!) the 2+ miles to the West Loop for dinner at de cero. Brad and I ate here when we went to Chicago for our anniversary this past fall, so I knew it would be yummy (and public props to Ceile for recommending it in the first place!). No pics (close tables, which always makes me extra self-conscious about photo taking), but I assure you the catfish taco, fried shrimp taco, and tilapia taco - all with their accompanying fire-hot sauces - make this place worth repeat visits. I couldn't this time - darn sinus infection and stupid antibiotics - but next time I will for sure be trying the hibiscus margarita!

The next morning Melissa had to work (lame!), so I walked around for a bit while I waited for her to finish. I dumped my bags at my car (so glad I parked offsite - saved $20+!), then headed over to Naturalizer, because I am an old lady with gimp feet. I was SO excited to find the shoes I'd pinned recently, and they were even on sale!

The best part? "Cushioning insole with Dr. Scholl's Massaging Gel Insert." Then a quick stop at the Modern Shop at the art museum. Then back to the hotel to meet up with Melissa for lunch. Just a few blocks down from the hotel, we tried out Yolk. Well, I tried out Yolk. Melissa returned to Yolk for a repeat visit. I know I certainly hope to return for, well, a return visit, myself! This place was a breakfast lovers dream come true!

Melissa got lunch (crazy girl!) - a blt with avocado. After much debate, I settled on a three-egg egg-white scramble with tomatoes, capers, cream cheese, and smoked salmon. For dessert, Melissa pulled my leg and MADE me agree to get the red velvet french toast to share for "dessert." We had quite the spread...

I made lots of mmmm-y noises as I ate. I mean, you can't go wrong with that combination can you? Eggs + salmon + cheese? YUM. A reminder that I need to have smoked salmon on hand at home more often... Anyway, onto that french toast of ours. O. M. G.

Seriously. Do you see what I see? Red velvet. OOZING cream cheese filling. I mean, this is essentially cake, but it is breakfast, so it's perfectly acceptable.

After breakfast, we hopped across the street to play in some fun art. Who could resist giant legs?!


What a lovely mini break all around. Awesome company. Delicious food. Super fun sights. Can't wait to play more with Melissa in July!

Disclaimer... Blogger updated, so new posting page! If this post ends up looking weird or crazy - not my fault! :)

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