24 March 2012

Bring out yer dead.

Guess where I am!?

Quarantined in bed for the rest of the day! :(

Remember my allergies? Yeah, pretty sure I'm actually sick. And seeing as how I went to see Hunger Games (yeah!) with Hillary this morning, I may have infected half of St. Joe (queue visions of Contagion....). I've progressively felt worse and worse every day, but since I was sure it was allergies, I've tried to go about my regular business. Exercising, going out, blah blah. I guess I maybe made it worse.

And it's funny. I can do nothing like nobody's business. But if I'm actually sick and really need to just sit my butt down and take a nap? So hard! But at least I'm in bed, right...?

So last night, you know, when I should have been staying in, Brad and I went to one of our favorite places for dinner, Ideal Place in Benton Harbor. I've written about it a few times in the past, and, chances are, if you've visited, we've taken you there. It is consistently delicious, which makes it... ideal! ;)

Because I am bored, but also because I am sleepy, a quickie review! For the past while, they've offered fresh made (hot right from the oven) pretzel rolls to start - yum! Always a great way to start a meal. From there on, it just went up. I was smart and just got hot tea (orange, yum!) rather than a martini - I'm not all silly! Then a small salad (get-well nutrients!). It's funny because I'm not a big salad person. They never taste very exciting at home, but I am a sucker for a fancy side salad with fancy greens and fancily sliced veggies - weird, right? Dinner for me was actually an appetizer, but it was the perfect meal size for sick me. Shrimp and crab mac and cheese. It was perfect. Cheesy, shrimpy and crabby, and nice and crunchy on top (I've had several seafood-themed macs and have never been a big fan so this was a very pleasant surprise). Brad got a pork chop, which came with red beans and rice, asparagus, and a side of "grandma's homemade applesauce." He said this was probably the best thing he's ever gotten there, and, based on my taste of the applesauce alone (apples + juniper berries, I asked), I believe him! I kind of wish I had a big bowl of it right now! And a big bowl of that mac and cheese, too...

Sigh. Not even the plague can curb my appetite!


Sara said...

Get better soon sickie! That food sounds yummie! I had a middle eastern feast today with my mom. So good!

Stephanie said...

I want to hear about this middle eastern feast! Do share!