21 March 2012

Couch potato.

Today a co-worker and I had to drive to her house to use the bathroom. Over the weekend, my boss had planted a mature, dying tree in the front yard that he dug out of some property he owns somewhere. (Right in front of my window, of course.) To "save" it, he's been running the hose into ground for three days. This caused the water to back up. And then the water shut off.

And then I got bitched out because my boss can't figure out how to access someone else's files when they're not in. There are so many levels of nonsense to this that I can't even bring myself to go into detail about, it would make your head spin.

I'm slowly losing it. My brain, that is. I've toyed with writing about the day-in-day-out ridiculousness ("Why don't you go out to the vending machine [that someone else owns and we don't have access to] and just make up some new prices [!!!] for stuff?"), but when I come home, I don't want to think about it. I have a four-day weekend every week and that is admittedly pretty sweet, so rather than stew, I do my best to disconnect.

BUT... Brain. Going. Mushy.* I feel uncreative and uninspired. And the one constant in my life has always been writing. Even if it's just mostly pictures. Or mostly text. Or just randomness. (Or, apparently, lots of incomplete sentences!) I think I'll try this again for me. And thanks to those of you that have reminded me that this space exists.

AND, of course, I still REALLY like talking about food.

A lot's certainly changed in the past year, most importantly our attempts to focus on living healthier lifestyles. The first step in that was picking up running.

I've NEVER been a runner. In  high school gym class, my girlfriends and I would do a slow jog around the parts of the track where the teacher could see us. When we were out of sight? Walk. Eventually the fast kids would lap us and we could cheat and finish a lap or so short. I've pretty consistently used my treadmill since college ended but always for walking. I'm pretty sure the most I'd ever run was a mile, and that was MAYBE two or three times - ever. But seeing my dear friend Hillary run past my house every day - and then a pregnant Hillary still running past my house - finally shamed me into gave me the motivation to make a true effort to get my feet moving.

Based on a recommendation from Lisa (another kick ass runner), I started the Couch to 5K program and it seriously changed my life. The program was perfect for me, and, as of January 8, I can officially run three miles. In a ROW!

I still don't LOVE it. And I still don't run outside. And I don't run three miles very often. BUT I run every week. Since starting the program in November, and even after finishing in January, I've run at least three times every week (usually two miles) - and the past few months I've added other workouts in with the running (elliptical, bike). Still lots of work to do, but this has made it so much easier to work on our diets and general health. Why do all that hard work if you're going to ruin it, right (I'm not running enough for it to not matter)?

Stay tuned for more... I hate to do things half-assedly, so my intent is to be back often. Thanks for hanging in there with me!

*I rolled my own hand up in the car window tonight.


Sara said...

Yes! Tell me stories about Stephanie's days!

Lisa Smith said...

So glad you're back! And I'm not letting you off the hook for a 5k. If Mike and I come out there you're running.

Alison T said...

So happy you are back. If you ever want to share horrible job stories over a stiff drink....:)

Melissa P. said...

Yay!!! So happy you're back!!

Rachel said...

Gimme my knitting porn, woman! Pics pics!!!! :D

Stephanie said...

Thanks for all the love, guys! You are awesome! xo