22 October 2010

It's a marvelous night for a moondance.

Hello fellow Americans and Halloween enthusiasts! This weekend, the hubby and I are headed off to celebrate our five-year wedding anniversary in Jolly Old England, land of, well, not much Halloween.

Happy anniversary, honey bunny!
While I am so super duper excited for our trip, part of me mourns the loss of a full-on Halloween celebration. Perhaps it's better this way, seeing as how I have no friends here with which to celebrate anyway... :) While I'm gone, should you find yourself in the mood for some, well, mood entertainment, I thought I'd post a list of some of my most favoritest scary movies (that are actually scary!). 

Poltergeist: my first horror movie, still my favorite, and still dang creepy. Stay away from the light!

The scene that changed my life. You think I'm kidding.

Prince of Darkness: end of the world scary stuff. And Alice Cooper.
The Fog (thee original, duh!): fog is scary. Also my favorite horror score.
What Ever Happened to Baby Jane/Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte/Straight-Jacket: might I suggest a old-school crazy Bette Davis/Joan Crawford triple feature? I do believe all three are on Netflix instant view...

The Blair Witch Project: still scary, I don't care.
Silence of the Lambs: also still scary, and still good, all these years later, even when it's diluted for basic cable. I love that my mom took me to see this at the theater when I was 12. Admittedly, a few parts stumped me for years.
Suspiria: crazy Italian witches. With disco lighting.

Candyman: certainly doesn't help my fear of mirrors. If I ran into Tony Todd on the street, I would run away. You can't convince me he's not really Candyman.
Fire in the Sky: this movie scares the living daylights out of me. Those aliens are a-holes! Just thinking about the looks on their faces... starring at me... UGH!

I absolutely am going to have nightmares tonight.
Paranormal Activity: don't listen to the naysayers, this movie is crazy scary. At least, once it's over, and you're trying to sleep, and you have attic access in your bedroom...
The Entity: ghost raper, heavy metal score... You might never shower alone again. AND... It's TRUE.
Amityville Horror II: I think this one is scarier than the original, plus it has brother-sister love. Ew!

Brother's don't shake hands. Brothers gotta... hug...
The Last Exorcism: this one might be in between theater and dvd, but if you can find it, holy scary.
The Devil's Backbone: I never want to watch subtitled movies, but I'm always so glad when I do -- this one is totally worth it. Spooky Spanish.
Uzumaki: more subtitles, but again, totally worth it for the CRAZY that is this movie. One of the most bizarre movies I've seen.

Should you be looking for a Halloween-centric film, might I suggest Trick r Treat, rather than the more obvious (and, honestly, boring) Halloween? We enjoyed this one last Halloween (along with the sweet stylings of Slumber Party Massacre!).

Finally, if you're just looking for super duper monster fun, any time is a good time for a little American Werewolf in... LONDON! I'll be keeping my eye out for any nude men in the zoo...

There are no words. Pure love.
Happy watching, and whoop it up a little extra for me. Good luck sleeping with the lights off....!


Birgles McGee said...

I'd like to add to this list:

1) The Shining - Terrifying the first time, but not so scary during repeat viewings.

2) Event Horizon - Satan in space is really, really scary.

3) Descent - Flippin' terrifying. AND it literally turned my stomach. Hissssssssss.

5) Signs - Mel Gibson is frightening! Just kidding, but I DID see aliens in the shadows long after seeing this movie.

Josh said...

Candyman Candyman Candyman!!!!

Blair Witch was lame.

2 good zombie movies you missed...

Night of the Living Dead

Evil Dead

And I do believe Zombieland is an instant classic :)

Rachel said...

Not true!!! We will be there, dressed up, for big, gay dance party!!!!