15 October 2010

Buy me new sheets, woman.

First, a belated thanks to Sara for the awesome new No pickles header. Always a creative genius, that Sara of mine.

Second, in the week that I haven't posted, I forgot how much I HATE the new blogger. Formatting is a horrendous pain -- even just typing is a pain. Random breaks inserted before you even start, no breaks where you intend them to be, hidden nonsense. It's already driving me crazy. Hopefully they either fix it soon or I just stop noticing it or I may have to switch blogs. It's taking way longer to do anything. Is it driving everyone else crazy, or am I just overly anal?

Thirdly, hi! I feel like it's been forever since I was here. Just mostly been busy trying to keep this dang house clean. Who knew how helpful carpet really is with the world's two furriest dogs. I'm vacuuming twice a day, and vacuuming the couch at least twice a day, and I cannot stay on top of the hair situation. Advance apologies for when you visit. I'm doing the best I can, but it is still one furry green beach house. As for the pooches, they're still enjoying their new house and town -- we've been driving down to our favorite downtown beach, and Heidi LOVES to plop along in the water while George still steers clear (but gets very excited when stumbling upon giant dead fish on the beach). Otherwise, they have their heads in the garden, eating woodchips, digging up toys left behind by the previous owner, and chasing the poor rabbits that live under our shed.

Always with the woodchips.
When not vacuuming, I've been getting a lot of knitting done. More friends with babies on the way, and I need, of course, a matching hat + scarf set for our impending London trip. Our St. Joe realtor was just telling us a story about a very high-strung woman he once worked with that took up knitting to keep her fidgeting under control. That's me!

Baby boy P, baby boy B, stuffs for ME!
When not knitting, I've been trying to cook and bake enough yummy stuff to make up for the lack of good restaurants in town. And make sure we get our veggies!

Rainbow chard with beans. So pretty!

I also made my first vegetarian chili with tofu. I found this recipe, skipping, of course, the garlic, as well as the mushrooms. I loved this but it was on the sweet side, from all the tomatoes and obviously the actual sugar. Brad tolerated it, and ate it for lunch one more day, but he's vetoed any future returns to this recipe. I'll try a new tofu one next time, skipping the sugar.

You so sweet, chili.
I also whipped up some more pumpkin goodies: pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I used this recipe, cutting way back on the chocolate chips and nuts, a little on the sugar, and using applesauce instead of oil. They turned out tasty enough, but they were very cakey (and sticky) and not exactly what I was craving.

You so sticky, cookies.
Good news on the fish front: the guy I've been buying local lake fish from put me on his winter list, and once a month I'll be able to place an order and pick it up downtown. Score! Last night I cooked up last weekend's trout, baking it with a sour cream-lemon juice-pepper-capers sauce. We enjoyed it along with some more Brussels sprouts. This time I cut them in half, tossed them in some oil, then browned them, face down (covered) for five minutes in a pan. I pulled the lid off, ground some pepper on top, and let them cook for another five minutes or so, tossing occasionally. Then, when done, I dropped them into the daisy dish and topped with some parm. I really think this might be Brad's new favorite veggie.

You so tasty, fresh fish and veggies.
And finally on the food front... Happy eggs!!! I've had mega egg guilt for months, so I've been avoiding any egg confrontations. I did break down a bit ago and buy store eggs for baking, but I was so delighted to stumble upon local farm eggs in the most random of places -- a vitamin store downtown! I picked up a dozen last week for $3.50 (cheap!), and they were so fresh, they were still warm. I'm officially obsessed after cracking my first two just this morning. They cooked up perfectly -- like nothing I've ever experienced with regular store eggs (which, according to the vitamin store lady, are sometimes three months old by the time they hit the shelf -- gross!). I highly recommend searching out some local eggs if you can, PLUS... poor little chickens... I have to trust they have much more pleasant lives at local farms.

I like how the steam looks like the ghosts in Poltergeist.
And very very lastly, a Churchy house update. New bedding! Wednesday night, Brad made an official order: new bedding that wasn't stained by, sucked on, or chewed on by dogs. An exciting task, despite the fact that I have only Kohls, Target, and TJ Maxx for all my housing needs. But I somehow managed, making a second trip today to pick up a fuzzy green blanket to round out the boudoir.

I am SO in love with these beautiful gray and white sheets. Target, cheap.
Gray down comforter, Target, also cheap. Green shams, total score: $3.50 for two... all because someone ripped the paper packaging off. SCORE.
Heidi approved.
Couch break is officially over. Off to add my new blanket and try to hang some curtains. The house is slowly becoming cozier and cozier. Happy Friday everyone!

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Sara said...

Thanks! The hearts on the jars remind me of you! And you were right, that waffle weave is beautiful! You're quite the skilled knitter!