20 October 2010

Fruit surplus.

I was stuck home today, waiting for the tub guy to come fix the tub he didn't reglaze properly (he never showed -- these St. Joe people!), so I decided to take advantage of the situation and get my bake on. Also inspiring me were the oodles of apples and bananas quickly over-ripening in my kitchen. Maybe I tend to overbuy produce. What's it to ya? Of course, first, to set the mood -- Halloween playlist!

1, 2, Freddy's coming for you.
For today's treats, I decided to turn to Joy of Cooking. While browsing, I was reminded of my grandma's apple cake and decided that was that. As for the bananas, I went simple -- banana nut muffins. The recipes don't appear to be online as they appear in the book, but if you are interested, and don't have Joy, I'll be more than happy to send you the recipes. I will say that both were super easy -- just how I like it -- and whipped up pretty quickly. I was a little surprised at how few apples the apple cake took: just 1 cup chopped (so much for helping much with that apple surplus...).


After after.

 As per usual, Heidi was on hand to, um, offer her support.

Bark bark. Gimmie treats.

Also, as is typical, she stomped off and pouted when she didn't get any cake.

Our little pouter.

Sadly, everything is still cooling, so I haven't been able to dig in yet, but I'll keep you posted on the deliciousness. For now, it just smells super duper good in here. I suppose it makes sense that it's driving Heidi crazy! For dinner, we've got some lake fish as well as a new Gordon recipe -- roasted pepper and feta gratin. I should go get that started right now, actually. In the treat frenzy, I forgot to eat lunch!

Getting my Gordon on.


Birgles McGee said...

Is that the Joy of Cooking I gave you? If so, it's probably pre-internet!

Mrs. Church said...

Ha! Yes! Minus the dust jacket (Heidi) and most of the corners (Heidi). :)