01 October 2010

Beat it boxes.

It's official... We are 100% unpacked! We've been mostly unpacked for a while, but while I await my new bookshelf, I've been procrastinating doing much in the office. But our shed was overflowing with boxes and packing paper, so I gave in and called for our "debris pickup." I expected some notice, but they called this morning and said they'd be here at 1 (they are late!). So I ran upstairs and unboxed all the rest of our (well, my) crap.

Buh-bye boxes!

Our office currently looks like an episode of Hoarders...


Shh... Don't tell!

Hoping to get this mess in some sort of order before our guests arrive this weekend. Hooray for Lisa S. and Birgy Birg! We shall show them an excellent time, St. Joe style.


Birgles McGee said...

If it REALLY looked like an episode of Hoarders, there would be at least 6 dead cats in that mess, plus a few Meijer bags full of poo. And also, you would be crotchety and rude.

Lady Lisa said...

Dude, I'm watching Hoarders right now. There is no way your place looks like that. I can't believe this show!!! Anyway, hope you're having a good visitor's weekend. :-)