20 October 2010

Long and short of it.

My head's been feeling a little heavy lately.

I have a lot of hair.

I decided to take swift action pre-London trip. Besides, I want to be sure to look cute in my new knitted London hat, and can't do that with a ponytail!

Ponies and hats don't mix.
So I trusted my local connection, Angie, and headed off to her hairdresser yesterday and... chop chop!

Why do I look like a man from behind? Weird!

First, before we even discuss the work... This haircut was TWENTY-FIVE dollars. Total. $25!!! I don't think you can even get a haircut in AA at Fantastic Sam's for $25. And this wasn't just a trim, either. The best part (ok, no, $25 is the best part) is that I love it. She did a great job, and I liked her a lot. I will definitely go back. And in the meantime, I will enjoy my new head that doesn't weigh 20 pounds. I feel very London fashionable -- he he he!


Lady Lisa said...

damn. The real question is, when did your hair even get so long in the first place!!?? Glad you were brave and found a new hairdresser. I still haven't done it. I just don't want to admit I'm without my Ryan. :-(

Mrs. Church said...

It was ALWAYS in a pony, so it was stealth long! ha!

TWO people this summer asked me if I had extensions on rare days I wore it down. HAHAHAHA