04 November 2010

America F yeah.

Well, my first attempt back to blogging and the OBNOXIOUS formatting issues have already turned me off! That is... an entire paragraph of text just got deleted. I'm almost as ticked off about that as I am sad that we are home from vacation. As I was saying... we are finally home! Back to the land of Yankee accents, driving on the right side of the road, Cokes that don't cost $3, and TVs that have more than five channels. I'm happy to be home -- I missed my pooches SO MUCH -- but sad that the most amazing vacation is over, and super sad that Brad has to go back to work and I don't get him all to myself every day! And what can I say, I love the crap out of England. Just love it to death.

So like I said, most perfectest vacation. The weather cooperated (well, mostly. It IS England), we ate lots of good food (and even stumbled upon some authentic dishes), visited with some good friends, walked through lots of beautiful parks, slept in amazing hotels, and, of course, barfed on a train (it IS me). That being said, I'm still overwhelmed thinking about where to even begin. So for now, I shall finish organizing my pics -- you know I took oodles of them -- and leave you with a few of our favorite sights.

The gang in Manchester.

The candyman (@ Harrods).

Westminster view from St. James park.

Kensington Palace.

More soon!

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Lady Lisa said...

Welcome back ya'll. Looks like you're gearing up for an action packed first few months back!