07 November 2010

My parents went to London and all I got was this lousy beer.

I have a ton to do, but it's chilly and my spot on the couch is all lit up and sunny and warm... Will just sit for a short spell...

Still more London tales to tell, but quickly I thought I'd share the pooch souvenirs we brought home. We first spotted dog beer at a pub in Manchester, which was voted "Manchester's Most Dog-Friendly Pub." Alas, it was brewed in Holland. Not a true England souvenir. Back in London, however, we discovered a new "dog shop and spa" at Harrods. It is unlike anything we have ever seen before. Designer dog accessories (we saw several-hundred-dollar collars), designer dog clothes (Juicy Couture for pups!), a very posh-looking spa, and even pug puppies (which they claim come from actual breeders). Obviously, we weren't buying a $500 tweed suit for George (tempting!), but we DID find some authentic, England-brewed dog beer. Hilarious.

It's basically water with some beef bouillon and a few random other things, but hey, it says "good for joints." So totally reasonable, right? We waited for the right moment, then introduced our pooches to their first pooch beer. Honestly, we had no idea what to expect. Would they sniff it and walk away, take a sip and be over it? We should know our guys better than that by now. Of course they gobbled it all up in just a few slurps.

Beer. Beer. Beer. Mmmm.

Looks good. (Or not.)

Of course, then Heidi had to go sleep off her bender.

I'm so wasted.

Still at Harrods, we also couldn't resist this little coaster, as anything that reminds us of George and his gigantic ears makes us giggle like crazy. George appears to be a fan as well.

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