22 November 2010

Welcome to the hotel St. Joe.

It's official... There are no disaster area rooms left in the house!! Every room is usable and recognizable for its intended purpose. There are still a ton of details to attend to at some point, but, for the most part, we're content to take our time finishing those up. Consider Hotel Church open for business and ready for more visitors.

We have a lovely spare bedroom with cable tv.

The beach room.

We have a second spare bedroom without cable but with lots of lovely reading materials.

The winter room.

We have an office for, well, officing.

This room needs the most work, mostly because there is no closet and I have nowhere to shove all my stuff.

So we need some cabinets, some shelves, and the like. But we're getting there. Next up, fancifying our master bath.

And, speaking of guests, hugs and kisses to Lisa and Digby for another lovely visit. Shopping, lunching, dinnering, after dinner drinking, and, of course, pooch piles. Oodles of fun as always.

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