21 September 2008

So perez.

Another quick note before we head out for day two of wine tour, but I wanted to drop in some photos because, well, we have wi-fi and I can! Darn it. Enjoy!

Time to get started on the Harvest Stompede! Our first stop, Good Neighbor Organic for some not-very-tasty hard cider.

Please, someone get this joke (Sara and Matt I'm talking to you): This isn't heaven. This sucks!

Tee hee!

Little pinch. (At our favorite vineyard so far, Chateau Fontaine. Yeah, we stole grapes.)

Time for more grapes!


Rachel said...

LOVE the horse pinch. Heehee.

Stephanie said...

you know that was for you baby

Sara said...

Take off, you hoser!